Friday, August 8, 2014

Saranac High Peaks Clouded Dream

Today I'm trying Saranac High Peaks Clouded Dream, a hybrid IPA/Belgian style white ale brewed by Matt Brewing Company in Utica or Buffalo, New York. I really like this High Peaks series, so I asked to be sent this newest edition by the brewery. Voila!

Considering the style,  I think the name is perfect for this unfiltered beer. And the electric aqua-blue tint shown on the label's clouds really makes you think of dreaming. The back of the label tells a little story about wheat and oats and citrus, and it finishes with some beer stats. 7.3% alcohol is probably the one you were looking for!

Belgian yeast and wheat prominent in the nose, but after a few whiffs, you can really smell the coriander and orange, both sweet and citrusy. Wheat flavors also dominate the beginning. They are met by some tangy orange and spicy coriander. A light alcohol dryness comes before a powerful citrus finish that totally cleanses the palate.

Sweet and bitter, not really a balance of the two. Just a seesaw swinging back and forth (to mix a few metaphors). Good flavors but there is a lingering sour lemony touch that I don't love after each sip. Overall, nice beer.

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