Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dark Penance

I went to Grovetoberfest this past Saturday. Of course I visited the booth of one of my favorite breweries numerous times: Founders Brewing was serving All Day IPA, Breakfast Stout, and Dirty Bastard to start off a hot-ass Miami afternoon. But they also had a special tapping time for Dark Penance, their newest specialty brew. Of course I didn't make it back in time for that--either that or I was too impatient to wait in line to try it. But fear not, citizens! I had a bottle in my fridge to check it out!

The label depicts an old woman, eyes closed, bowing her head in prayer. I'm not sure what her dirty laundry is, but it seems like she's trying to absolve herself of the sins, first by praying but secondly by throwing back a bottle of this 100 IBU beer. 8.9% alcohol. Bottled On 09/23/2014.

Malty, burnt sugar and plenty of hoppy citrus in the aroma. Heavy bitter citrus flavors start things off, along with plenty of roasted malts. Bitter but there is a nice sweet balance, at least at first. A definite alcohol cleansing action is also there throughout, heavily synergizing the bitter hoppy effects.

Pine, very floral, sharp grapefruit, astringent and intense. This is the kind of beer that will drive your wife to the guest room because she says you have alcoholic breath. I tried to explain that it's the hops, not the alcohol, but no go so far! Overall, quite bitter from many angles. Roasted, burnt malty flavors are also very good and do not even go near the asshole levels many in this category pass. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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