Thursday, October 23, 2014

DECAPITATOR by Corkcicle

Corkcicle sent me a beer-related product in the past that I wasn't in love with, but I decided not to say anything about it here. Yesterday, an unexpected package arrived at my door. Inside, a new product to check out: DECAPITATOR by Corkcicle!

DECAPITATOR is a bottle opener that looks like none you've ever seen. It's designed to place over the bottle, push down firmly, and voilĂ , your bottle is opened. The pressure down activates a mechanism that opens the bottle, and a magnet inside catches the cap too. I used it to open a few bottles of one of my favorite beers: Victory Golden Monkey.

DECAPITATOR totally kicks ass! I went to their store but couldn't find it anywhere--my guess is that it's completely sold out for being such an awesome product, so I'd check back another day.

Here you go. You can get at Amazon too!


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