Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale

Remember when you were in Cub Scouts and every year the Den Mother had you making Christmas wreaths? Yeah, me neither. But that's exactly what New Belgium did for the label photo on their bottle of Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale. The difference is that they used hops plants and raspberries for the red accents!

Frambozen is Flemish for raspberry, and the little blurb on the side of the label sets your expectations on this interesting combination of brown ale and fruit beer. 6.5% alcohol. Enjoy by 12APR15. Oh, and the brewery sent it to me so I'm going to be totally biased.

I poured Frambozen into my recently acquired Biscayne Bay Brewing pint glass to keep a local flair. The aroma wasn't very big. Classic brown ale roast, hint of sweet brown sugar and a very light fruitiness in the background.

Whoa! The aroma left me unsuspecting of the first sip. Tart raspberries grab the sides of your throat on the way down for the first few sips. Not too tart, just a surprise. Very juicy, flavorful, liked that part. There's a malty sweet balance as well, a bit generic, but maybe caramel, brown sugar, bread. Carbonated yet still smooth. A very simple brown ale with a pretty fun twist. I liked the combination!

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