Thursday, December 25, 2014

Dogfish Head Seasonal Artist Jermaine Rogers Signed Label Contest

It's a Christmas Miracle! Yep. Another contest. First of all, thanks so much to Dogfish Head for supplying each of their seasonal beer labels and to Seasonal Artist Jermaine Rogers for taking the time to sign each one for me!

Dudes and dudettes, this little project took some time, so no whining about having to answer questions that take a little thought. "This is too hard and time consuming!" Boo-hoo! There are not any other places to get this prize, not even eBay, so suck it up! (Seriously, I was warned about selling just the unsigned labels on eBay, and these have the artist's signature!)

Pick 3 of these 5 questions and answer them in the comments (if you have problems commenting, email the answers to me, which I will publish in the comments, so no matter what they will be seen). And don't try to copy other entrants' answers--it'll be pretty obvious. There will be at least a few winners, but depending on the number of successful entries, I'm not sure how many. I'll pick winners based on correct answers, clever answers, answers with real thought. I am the judge--whatever I say goes and is final. I will try not to change rules, but heck, maybe we'll add in some "culinary curveball" or some "cutthroat crap" along the way. (Questions are below label pictures.)

Again, you need to get 3 correct, so if you're not sure about an answer, it's OK to answer more just in case. And it's also OK to enter more than once, but you need to have different answers for each entry (which should be "cake" with these multiple-answer and opinion questions). And if I can't figure out who gave the answers, well, you're shit out of luck. Be sure to give me an email or Twitter or some way to know how to contact you. Contest ends 12/31/14 at midnight and I'll pick the winners on New Years Day!

1. Name two other Dogfish Head Label Artists.

2. This is the third seasonal artist that I have had a contest with, though the first two didn't have their work featured on the seasonal labels (they had done others prior). What brewery labels and artist specifically do you think I should approach to sign his/her labels for a next contest? Basically, which labels do you think are cool and who designed them? Links to pictures would even be a plus (PS. Don't stay Ralph Steadman and Flying Dog).

3. Name two significant Florida craft beer events (news, brewery openings, etc) that happened in 2014.

4. Here's another opinion one. Look at and give an honest opinion in 2-5 sentences (grammar should be pretty understandable). What do you think needs improvement? What is good? Say what you want as long as it's honest (and publishable).

5. Which of the 4 Jermaine Rogers labels above do you like the best and why? Do you think Dogfish Head should continue putting the work of their seasonal artist on the actual seasonal labels?

Thanks a lot for participating.

Update 12/29/2014: Thanks to Jermaine for publicizing this contest on his Facebook page and calling DailyBeerReview "the monster beer blog"! My comment and email inbox just exploded. I guess I really will need to make some hard decisions for winners this time!!! Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer the questions and play along.

Update 2/1/2015: Winner Chris sent me a picture of the labels mounted next to some coasters that match. Very nice!


Unknown said...

1 – Tara McPherson (of course) and David Larned / Sarah Lamb (Does this team count as one or two? extra credit?)

3 – a. The Grand Opening of Persimmon Hollow in Deland in October. (Yes, I’m helping extend your influence toward Central FL.) b. The great Hunaphu Day disaster of 2014.

5 – Piercing Pils. That cat looks like me anytime I hear the words “craft beer.” My eyes get big, my mouth starts to water, and overall excitement ensues.

Bonus 4 – The consistency of new reviews keeps your site fresh. There is always something new. The succinct nature of the reviews keeps them enjoyable and readable. I don’t always have time to read long drawn out posts, with too much detail and too many long sentences, and too many exotic words… but you get the point.

Hey Rob, Tara is getting lonely on the wall all by herself. She needs the company of Jermaine. Yes , it's me, @GalileosBane.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

@Floribrew entered with...

Not sure what happened with my contest entry (unless you need to approve it first)

Q1 - Marq Spusta, Tara McPherson, Jermaine Rogers

Q2 - Tampa's Coppertail Brewing has some awesome label art by Evan Harris

Q3 - Coppertail Brewing opening, Biscayne Bay Brewing, Founders came to Fla.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

And to answer that question...

No, I don't need to approve any comments. There is no censorship except what Google considers to be spam.

Joanne E said...

#1 Artists Marq Spusta & Tara McPherson

#2 Going with a Drink Local theme, I would suggest doing something on Funky Buddha's label art. The two beers in bottles right now have amazing labels.

Crossing the State line, Terrapin has some really cool labels. The artist is Richard Biffle from Virginia Beach and you ought to do something on them.

#3 Back to South Florida which had a great 2014 when it comes to beer - Funky Buddha had it's Inaugural Maple Bacon Day, Due South won Best Large Brewery for 2014 at the 14th annual Best Florida Beer Competition, MIA Brewing went into distribution, Wynwood Brewing had their 1st Anniversary celebration event

Unknown said...

1. Some guy named Sam Calagione and Jon Langford

3. I'd have to say 1) Founders coming to FL was big since they're so well respected and now we can find Breakfast Stout, Backwoods Bastardized, etc. and 2) Proof Brewing Co opening in Tallahassee. I know Proof isn't very well known outside of Tally but I think it's notable that they started as a liquor store with a nice craft beer selection, began brewing great beers on site, and now have a 2nd location with a production facility.

5. I think the Piercing Pils art is the best because the kitten looks so demented. That image looks like it could easily become a meme. I definitely think DFH should keep using those seasonal artists to give their seasonal bottles a different look. It goes with their whole 'off center' theme

Thanks for doing this contest! Cheers!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Good Jason. Not surprised Sam designed a few labels himself by got first hand verification...

ScienceKiller said...

1. Jon Langford and Marq Spusta.

2. I need to support a local brewery here that has not been featured on the site that I can see. Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto produces some amazing beers that are unfortunately only available locally at the brewery or various bars in Ontario. The labels are all designed by another local artist(s), brothers Matt and Andrew McCracken of Doublenaut. They also do show posters for some great local shows. I've provided some links to an interview with them and Bellwoods along with their website. My personal favourite is their Motley Cru label design.

5. This is a tough one between Aprihop and Festina Peche. Aprihop as I own the Choices vinyl figure featuring the rabbit and it is the only one I've tasted when in the States as it isn't available at home. I actually kept the bottle and display it next to the figure. But I think I prefer the Festina Peche label more. Raccoons are somewhat of a neighbour to me with so many of them in the streets of Toronto, and the label and design speak to me. Plus my girlfriend loves raccoons and their fat butts (at least the ones up here, I've seen some Florida ones and they aren't nearly as plump). I definitely Dogfish should continue to put their seasonal artist on the label. It is great for marketing and creates a reason to seek out the beer each year, and with the interesting designs, it makes the beer pop out on the shelves.

(Deleted my comment and added this one with my Twitter handle, forgot it originally...@ScienceKiller)


Courtney Harrop said...

1- David Larned and Jon Langford

2- Beer and Bubbly Fest and Hogtown Craft Beer Festival

5- I like the Festina Peach label the best, because if someone was able to get that peach away from that raccoon, a lot of effort went into it, and it must be a good beer. I love the idea of having seasonal artists design labels, it gives people something to look forward to and collect, AND folks get a variety of beer and art.

LueyH said...

1.Tara Mcpherson, Marc Spusta

2. Hopworks Abominable Winter Ale. art work by Martin Ontivveros

3.I am not sure im in California

4.I wouldnt change a thing maybe have a few guest posts from other beer reviewers.

5. My favorite Label from Jermaine Rogers is the Punn ale label because I collect Dero's (his Art figures) and the label just goes with the figure so well.

Kotton said...

1. I really like Dogfish Head's tradition of incorporating really great art and artists in their labels and marketing. With many of these artist having a rich and diverse history of their own designing amazing creations for comic books, rock bands and such it is not a wonder why DFH chose them. The two that instantly come to mind, in addition to Jermaine Rogers featured in the latest campaign, are Tara McPherson and Marq Spusta. These 2 artists'work keep the very whimsical yet earthy feel that has been a hallmark of DFH for many years.

2. There are some amazing craft beers out these days, and some even more amazing artists creating packaging for these beers. Jader Mattos designed some great lables for the Santeria beer out of Rio de Janeiro ( They are inspired by the indigenous people of the region, and really bring character to the beer.
Some more great label art is coming from Andea Pagano for the German beer Astra ( These are beautiful pieces that would look at home on anyone's wall in the den.

5. Having to chose the best Jermaine Rogers art piece is kind of like having to make Sophie's choice, but I have to say I like the Piercing Pils label the best. I really like the blue/grey and white color scheme, a and how it is incorporated with the winter season. I love how Jermaine used his already established characters he created in these labels. It really make you know they are coming from him, and only gives DFH that much more "Street Cred" with in the art community. I definitely think they should continue putting the the art of their seasonal artists on the seasonal labels, and I can't wait to see (and taste!) what else they have to come.


Matt said...

1. Jon Langford and Dave Plunkert

3. Florida Craft Beer and Wing Fest and Sarasota Craft Brew Fest. I'm not from Florida, but these sound like awesome events to try to get to next year!

4. Pretty sweet blog. Definitely keep up the honest, no-holds barred reviews. The search feature is convenient. As an Untappd user, I would like to be able to find you on Untappd, as well as being able to follow your blog.

5. I'm torn between the Aprihop and the Punkin Ale, but I have to go with the Aprihop. It looks like the bunny has rabies,and I dig that for some reason. lol. Dogfish Head should DEFINITELY keep doing the seasonal artist/labels.

This contest is awesome. Thanks!

Leeze said...

1 - Tara McPherson & Matthew Fisher

2 - Bell's Brewery from Michigan is the brewery of trust in this household, but their labels could use some upgrades.
(This is my fave beer by them, the label is nice and all, but not very special

3 - 2014 Craft Brew and Wingfest, 2014 Sarasota Craft Brew Fest

4 - I think the site is good on the eyes with the white background and pretty title picture. I was at first a little confused as to where to find the navigation menu. Maybe this could use some tweaking. Other than that, pretty good and informative.Long text blogs could be made a little easier to digest by breaking them up with different font sizes or images.

5 - I loved the bunny and the cat the best. Somehow I was not able to locate the Piercing Pils in my area, which was a little sad because I am a cat lover and German (imported here two years ago). I think Dogfish Head should definitely continue to work with artists for the design of the seasonal labels. It made me explore beers that are usually not in my focus, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Marty entered by email...

2. My favorite Jermaine Rogers label has got to be the Aprihop label. :) (This has nothing to do with the IPA) I'm a huge Deftones fan and anytime I see that bunny, my mind pictures the Avalon Ballroom Deftones poster by JR and my heart smiles :) I love seeing different artists displaying their work on your bottles! Definitely make for an interesting display and an awesome art/bottle collection :)

4. Jon Langford and Tara McPherson of course :)

5. My favorite thing about dailybeerreview is that the reviews are all so fun to read! :D The pictures are great and a huge plus (it makes me want the beer so much more *drools*) and the reviews are straight and to the point. The I absolutely hate when i have to skip through half a video or scroll down a page to get to the point.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Chris entered by email...

1) Founder/President/Beer Artist and art artist Sam Calagione & artist Marq Spusta. Actually I was into Marq (who has done some great work for Dinosaur Jr., J. Mascis, The Black Keys and SO many of my other favorite bands) and Jermaine long before they did work for DFH. It's like it was just meant to be for me, finding out some of my favorite artists made labels for one of my favorite breweries. So serendipitous!

3) May 5, 2014: Florida Brewing Company's Cape Canaveral tasting room opened.
Groovetoberfest in Miami - 10/18/14 - I was born in Miami....haven't been back there in over 35 years....but when the stars align and the calendar matches up so that Groovetoberfest falls on my birthday 10/17.....I'll make the mecca trip.
And perhaps most importantly the Beer Industry of Florida promised its support for ending the ban on 1/2 gallon growlers! What a ridiculous law!

5) Festina Peche - it just screams "MINE! Keep your paws off my Peche!" And yes, DFH should definitely keep doing this sort of thing. With more and more craft beer hitting the shelves, breweries need to continue making labels that grab your attention. Be honest, how many times have you picked up an untried beer just because the label grabbed you by the eyeballs and implored you to drink it....even if you had no idea how it would taste. Fortunately, with DFH, I've never disappointed by that decision!

Thanks so much for the contest! The labels would look awesome framed with the matching coaster set i just got for Christmas!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Kylie entered by email...

1- Two other Dogfish Head label artists that I know of are Jim Mazza and Dave Plunkert!

4- Honestly- This is my first time on this site (kudos to Jermaine's Facebook page) and not trying to schmooze... but It may or may not be a bookmarked page now. Living in Oklahoma, we have silly laws which causes us to miss out on so many great beers. This site has opened my eyes to the world of beers and make me hate Oklahoma even more.Only thing that I noticed that I think could use improvement is maybe having the site be a bit more navigable.

5- My favorite of Jermaine's labels has to be for DFH's Aprihop. This was the first pack of Dogfish Head that I ever bought for myself on my 21st birthday...mainly because I was a fan of their beers and the artwork really caught my eye. Now... I've been on the hunt for the rest of the beers in this seasonal collection! I am a huge fan of Sam Calagione and how he has grown his business. This company is extremely unique and amazing... and I will always support them. I think them having different seasonal labels is a genius marketing strategy and it also helps the artists out, too. So, yes. What I am trying to say is that I think they should continue putting the work of their seasonal artists on the labels.

Thank you for this opportunity! Pretty neat contest. Have a great New Years!


Unknown said...

Hi what an awesome competition.

1.)Marq Spusta and Tara McPherson

2.)Garage Project here in New Zealand have some awesome labels (some of the best I have seen) and some really good beers. They vary the artists all the time from local talent, with the brewers regularly visiting galleries and exhibitions looking for new artists. See here, for the labels and here for a few artists, (Mecha Hop, VPA etc.) and (La Calavera Catrina), sorry that is all I could easily find.

5.)I love the Aprihop label, it is the best. Looks similar to a zombie drooling over the apricot or brains. Yes you should definitely continue to adding art work to your beers it makes you stand out in a bar’s beer fridge jammed with other craft beers. To be honest that is the only reason I tried the Dogfish because I recognised Jermaine’s art and as I say it stood out amongst a fridge full of other beers.

Cheers Aaron
Email: ajlister[a]
Looking forward to having a few Dogfish for New Years.

Unknown said...

1. Jim Mazza & Marq Spusta
2. Tripp Shealy for Roaring Fork Beer Co OR Alan Forbes for his Brotherhood from Anchor Steam.
3.1 Cigar City made some awesome beers,
3.2 ...And I was not able to get them in Colorado.
4. Although I haven't dove too deep into it, at a glance of the first few reviews, I like the lack of pretension. Some reviewers go too far and try to make the review sound, I dunno, uppity. This is approachable. I would add a ratings system maybe.
5. I like the Aprihop because of the bunny theme. I have a fair share of Jermaine's work, and the bunnies are a common theme, and I have grown fond of them. I think it's a cool surprise to have the high 6 packs so it hides the artwork and you don't notice till you pull the bottle out. A nice little surprise, they should keep doing this, yes.

Unknown said...

1. Sam Calagione and Tara McPherson

2. For previous Dogfish Head artist: The Theobroma label by Marq Spusta is cool, as well as his artwork in general with the cool/funky look for Dogfish Head!

For outside of Dogfish Head beer label artist: Jeff Kuhnie and the labels of Pipeworks Brewing because they are funky and creative, as is his work in general.

3. Funky Buddha's craft beer hit store shelves. And, Cigar City Cider and Mead tasting room opening in Ybor City.

5. Aprihop is my fav because I love the ‘who me’ look! 

Thanks for the shout-out to beer label art! Cheers!

scott burton / said...

1. Dave plunkert and Ali Selders

3. Beer Fest @ MOSI 2014 / 3 daughters brewing

5.Pumpkin Ale with the Dero Bear on it is a favorite. Jermaine has used the Dero bear for many years in his art and always sticks out when I see them. In this you don't know if the Dero is offering you a bite of pumpkin, or if he is going to maybe rip your face off for even trying to get the pumpkin from him. Yes, you all should keep doing artists on beer and seasonal labels too. I will admit if the art is eye catching or done by a artist I enjoy. I buy the beers even if I don't drink them with some flavors

Unknown said...

1. Marq Spusta & Jim Mazza

2. Ken Taylor designs some SICK labels for Sierra Nevada!

5. That black background makes the Punkin Ale label look great!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Kelli entered by email...

Q1: Jon Langford and Tara McPherson
Q4: I like the easily navigated layout and the fact that each review is dated to give me a better idea right away as to whether or not this beer is currently available. The food parings are also cool. I would like to see some sort of rating chart that would let me know at first glance things like price range, taste, alcohol content, and overall quality as compared to others reviewed.
Q5: The Festina Peche raccoon is my favorite because it was the first time I had been exposed to Jermaine Rogers' art and I was immediately drawn to it. It then got me to order a super tasty beer I had never tried in order to get a closer look, so it was really a win-win. So yes! Please keep exposing us to amazing artists and fantastic beers!

I would LOVE to own these labels. Thank you for your consideration!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

ao entered by email...

I'm not sure if this posted or not, I hit the button and it didn't do anything. a few minutes later, it went away. I don't know. Thanks!

1) Tara McPherson and David Larned. I find it really exciting that Dogfish Head reached out to 2 of my favorite screen print artists (Jermaine and Tara) to do some labels, I think this is putting their label art one step ahead.

2)Gigantic brewing is also reaching out to some awesome artists, my favorite label being by Frank Kozik for the Most Premium Russian Imperial stout. While he doesn't do their labels on a regular basis, the array of artists that Gigantic is hiring for their brews is awesome and I don't think they get enough credit for what they are doing.

5)The Aprihop label is definitely my favorite. While I'm a sucker for cats on beer labels, there's always been a special place in my heart (and on my walls) for Jermaine Rogers' rabbits. I'm thrilled about these labels and think DFH should definitely continue to work with seasonal artists on the actual seasonal labels. So far, they've been really steppin up their game with their choice of artists and I am really excited to see whats next.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

David entered by email...

Q1- Rich Kelly, Sam Calagione(Dogfish Head founder, president and artist)
Q3- Grovetoberfest, Coconut Grove FL. And Florida Keys craft beer & bubbly fest.
Q5- Punkin Ale cause who doesn’t love Halloween!


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Tim entered by email...

Hi Rob –

Rabid Jermaine fan, beer lover and new fan of here. I have to admit that I’m new to your site and just heard about it from Jermaine. As a beer nerd as well as a screen print nerd, it’s been bookmarked!

I’d like to enter the contest! I need to win these labels….NEED! I invested in an uncut artist proof of the 4 posters that were sold to promote this edition (photo attached) earlier this year purchased from Jermaine. However, I wasn’t able to get my hands on ANY of the actual bottles and I was super bummed. I had all of my feelers out and just never got lucky. These labels would be AWESOME to mount just below the uncut proof set! I have over 35 of his pieces framed and have never sold one. He can vouch for me…. J

Before I answer the questions, I thought I’d also let you know about my beer aging project – About 5 years ago opened a bottle of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale from 1996 that I had been sitting on since 96. I kept it in very non-cellar conditions – A warm bedroom that also got some sunlight – so I didn’t have much hope for it. However, when my buddy had his first born we figured what better reason to crack it. Wow. It was AMAZING! Notes of maple and vanilla that I can’t even find in a fresh bottle. So complex and awesome. At that moment, I decided that I’d start a project where I would buy 3 bottles of a high octane (>7.5% or thereabouts) beer every month. I’d drink one and write a review, mark the second with a date 5 years out and the third with a date 10 years out. The plan is to then go back to the aged beers and review them against the original. I should be hitting the 5 year mark early next year if I remember correctly. I’d love to share my findings with you if you are so inclined. The main goal is to debunk common “cellaring” myths. I think our hoppy friend is more resilient that we give it credit for, but we’ll see.

Anyway, on with the answers!

1) Tara McPherson and Marq Spusta (don’t forget Sam Calgione!)
2) I’ve been a fan of Leia Bell’s art for years – She does labels for Crooked Line Beers. Photo attached. She’s great and would love to see her work featured more prominently. I collect her empties as well.
3) As a Baltimore, MD native, I’m not too familiar with FL (though I leave for Miami for my first FL trip in the AM!). That said, I had to check the web and the Orlando Holiday Brew Fest and the Saratoga Craft Brew Fest looked great. Love the “fests”, especially outdoor ones. Baltimore Beer Week is like a holiday up here.
4) Love the site! Nice and simple. I like that I can come back every so often and have everything laid out in order and scroll down through. I should say that I’m viewing on iOS, but it looks great, scrolls well and the links are functional! The reviews themselves are thought out with a personal touch and to the point. Wouldn’t change a thing!
5) Piercing Pils, all day long. He does a ton of work with the other 3 animals, but always thought that he needed to give his cats some more love. I hope this festured artist movement takes hold and more brewerys jump on board. My two favorite things!

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for the windy email!

Unknown said...

1. Jim Mazza in 2013 and tara McPherson in 2012

2. I would say that joe Wilson who did the 21st amendment labels have pretty good artwork.

3. tampa bay beer week and the florida keys beer and bubbly festival.

4. overall, the blog style of the site feels dated. it is kind of standard, new entry and top, long scroll to the bottom. I would think there is a way to modernize it, add some search functions about where the beer is from, style, rating, etc, and still keep the kind of "guy abd his beer" feel.

5. this is a harder question, since the raccoon, bunny and dero are characters in his work. the cat is kind of the odd man out. as per the best, though, the bunny has become most iconic, so I think it is the one that ties best his artwork to the seasonal beer.

Unknown said...

1. Two other Dogfish Head Label artists are:
A. Tara McPherson for the delicious Chateau Jiahu
B. David Larned with great work on My Antonia

2. Felony IPA from Prism Brewery in North Wales, PA. A very cool label featuring a 50's greaser look. Something like Bowser from the the show Sha Na Na. The label was created by its owner, Rob DeMaria.

3. Sarasota Craft Brew Fest August 23rd and Monsters Beertoberfest (Sanford, FL) September 27th
Also a friend of mine opened a small craft brewery in Orlando called 'Broken Strings Brewery' back in November. Charles Frizzell is a very talented and gifted brewer.

4. I honestly like the webpage and I wouldn't change anything just for change sake. However I would like to see a drop down style menu at the top of the page under the label that separates each beer by style and which ones that are tasted and reviewed.

5. The Jermaine label that I like the best is the Piercing Pils, because honestly I prefer the beer in general. To be frank, I favor anything done by Jermaine, so my opinion is very partial. I like that the raccoon is drooling and his beating eyes. I love pears too, so it's a win win.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Erin entered by email, I swear beating the midnight deadline last night...

Thanks for this contest!

Q1 - David Larned & Tara McPherson

Q2 I like (Andrew Rose for Cerveceria Hacienda) and some ladles from Left Hand.

Q3 - I'm sure something interesting happened with Cigar City...

Q4 - I love that it's an actual daily review - that you take the time to thoughtfully reflect. I drink a lot of beer but I haven't your dedication. Beer has become so localized - it is cool to see a wide representation.

Q5 - I like Festina Peche - as a native SC girl, I love all things peach. Plus the raccoon is gnarly. I love that Dogfish Head uses artists - like great concert posters and album art, this is just another manifestation of the art!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks to everyone that entered the contest and the extremely thoughtful answers. I particularly enjoyed the ideas for what brewery/artist pairings to try for next (with another contest of course).

Thanks to Jermaine's post on Facebook, this contest post had over 700 views in just a few days and 25 entries, many more than I imagined or had in similar past contests. That made choosing winners difficult.

So here's what I'm going to do... I'm going to name 4 winners here but will also contact a few others and award the label they said was their favorite. I wish I could do that for everyone, but I don't have enough prize to go around that far.

Expect to hear from me, these are the winners in no particular order, with a quote from each (since there are some entries of people with the same name):

Tim "Rabid Jermaine fan, beer lover"

Chris "I was into Marq (who has done some great work for Dinosaur Jr., J. Mascis, The Black Keys and SO many of my other favorite bands) and Jermaine long before they did work for DFH."

Kottan "I really like Dogfish Head's tradition of incorporating really great art and artists in their labels and marketing."

ao "I find it really exciting that Dogfish Head reached out to 2 of my favorite screen print artists (Jermaine and Tara) to do some labels, I think this is putting their label art one step ahead."

Kotton said...

My Labels arrived today! Thanks Daily Beer Review! They are awesome!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Great. If you frame them or put them somewhere cool, etc, take a picture and I'll post it above w the contest (if you want, just an idea).

Glad you like them.