Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lot No. 6 Double I.P.A.

So you probably remember my little story about Evolution Brewing's recent trip to Florida thanks to Total Wine, right? Well, tonight I'm bumping up from that initial Lot No. 3 IPA to Big Brother Lot No. 6 double IPA. Pretty creative beer naming, right? The label is just as creative with a drab green hop cone (same as on the other beer) on a brown background. 8.5% alcohol. 18.5°P. 75 IBU.

Now, I love beer names and am very passionate about beer label/can art, so when a brewery neglects both so egregiously, they better make fucking awesome beers! Oh, and same goes for beers with extremely well-done artistic labels or crazy stupid creative names (Clown Shoes delivers on both at that end of the spectrum, for example).

Beautiful dark orange color--looked great in the sun! Huge pineapple aroma, very inviting! Sweet, tropical orange and pineapple fruity flavors in the beginning. But loads of bitterness follows--fresh, hoppy, bitter, bitter (did I say that?). This beer has that unique quality of having both an excellent balance between sweet and bitter, though NOT some generic middle...rather both sweet and bitter complement each other throughout.

The finish is spicy, peppery. Good body, nice lingering flavors left on the palate. 2 for 2 with All-Stars for this brewery so far. Porter and Winter Beer to follow! Make sure you never miss a beat!

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