Sunday, December 28, 2014

Reprise Centennial Red Ale

Today I decided to check out Reprise Centennial Red Ale brewed by 4 Hands Brewing in St. Louis, Missouri. The can shows three hop cones nicely worked into an orange, red and gold color scheme. The name of the beer comes from the centennial hops it's brewed with. Food Pairings: sharp cheddar and grilled beef. 6.5% alcohol.

Orange citrus and faint caramel aroma, not very noticeable at all. MUCH more bitter than I was expecting and quite medicinal. Not a good first impression. A tad of malty sweetness begs its way in but this just isn't a good beer. Astringent, lemony. Not hoppy. Rather, medicinal bitterness is just blech and lingers long after you wish it were gone. Dump! You can easily find a lot better!

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