Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Resurrected IPA

After checking out 4 Hands Brewing's Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown, I decided to move on to their Resurrected IPA, probably my favorite style of beer. This was one of the beers the brewery sent me so I could check out their new packaging. The stained glass can art is very nice, with hop buds radiating out from a cross in the center. Pair with mild curry or grilled red meat (or nothing like I did). 6.5% alcohol.

Aroma is amazing: sweet oranges, tropical pineapples and mangoes and a bright citrus. One of those "make out with the aroma" type beers. Fabulous! Excellent flavors, too. Tropical pineapple and a ruby-red grapefruit citrus bang bring an unforgettable opening. While there is an initial sweetness, orange and lemon rinds provide plenty of bitter balance.

The finish brings a lot of dryness, a touch of alcohol, and lingering fruit left of the palate. Fresh. Flavorful. I loved it!

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