Saturday, January 31, 2015

Adroit Theory Brewing Label Designer Shawn Johnson Signs Some For A Contest

"Complexity With A Slight Hint Of Kick Ass!" That's what I was greeted with on the Adroit-Theory Brewing Website! I thought that was kind of funny because I was about to write that exact same line, almost.

I recently asked the Adroit-Theory owners if they could spare some change, wait no. I asked if they could spare some of their labels for their kick-ass designer Shawn Johnson to sign! They did not disappoint with five awesome labels, and Shawn graciously signed and sent them my way. The creative and bold designs are a perfect match for the bold beers, several of which I did have an opportunity to taste.

Adroit-Theory was probably the top-notchiest of homebrewers I ever heard of until about a year ago when they took the "HomeBrew" off their labels and started selling their beers. Totally creative naming process, names, labels (duh), and the beers are delicious. Mmm, Tenebris Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine! Read that to see what these guys are doing (and that label is part of the contest too)!

Shawn sent me enough labels (and of course mega thanks again to the brewery for providing them) for a bunch of winners in this latest signed label contest. Seriously, where else will you find this prize? You can't buy it. It's totally unique and pairs an awesome artist with an awesome brewery! But winning is up to you--let's see if I can make this simple enough though not cake-easy.

To win, you need to answer 3 of the 5 questions below correctly. They are mostly opinion questions, so seriously don't screw up a chance to say pretty much whatever. Don't copy the answers from other entries-I'm not stupid. I will judge the answers if necessary depending on the total amount of people that want a set of all five signed labels--THE PRIZE! There will be multiple winners, but I don't know how many yet. Creativity and interesting answers, not kissing ass, are what wins these contests.

Contest ends next Friday, February 6, 2015 at midnight and I will pick the winners that weekend. I prefer your entry as a comment. If you can't figure that out, email me your answer which will be posted as a comment in its entirety (minus your address). If I need to add rules or settle a dispute, I'll do it--no whining.

Here are the prize photos (questions below them).

Here are the questions.

1. What is you favorite Adroit-Theory beer name? Why?

2. Which Adroit-Theory beer label would make the best tattoo? Where should it go? Why?

3. My 12 year old kid broke his wrist. Tell me what you think of the idea to stick the God Is An American label on his cast for the next month, covering the nonsense classmate signatures. Do you think the school will say anything?

4. Name the next Adroit-Theory beer (this is only theoretical--I don't have input in that process) What type of beer is it and explain the name if necessary.

5. Name two other (not too personal) Shawn A. Johnson art facts! Surely you can find his Facebook, Twitter, etc. (That "A" is a gift!)

Thanks for playing along!


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Sean entered via email...

I'm at work, so this'll have to be quick. I chose the first three questions to answer.

1. Punch It Chewie! - Anyone who's spent time with a person who nerds out over craft beer likely knows it's not the only thing they nerd out over. Gotta love Adroit Theory for indulging my geekier side.

2. Why settle for one? Why not the B/A/Y/S logo and LUX logos on opposing forearms? Easily hide-able at work, and easy to display while drinking at the bar.

3. I think the real question here is, if the school has a problem with it, are those really the people you want shaping your child's mind?

Keep up the great work!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Chuck entered via email...

Having problems posting this so here is my write up for Adroit Theory contest. Thanks.

Love your Beer Reviews man which I have passed to a few FB friends. Ok, real quick...

1) Favorite Adroit Theory beer name...LUX. Simple and easy to remember. I look at it like this....LUX is a unit of illuminance. While is refers to a measurement of light, I take it as illuminating one to an idea which is a nice segway into introducing someone to Adroit Theory.

2) Best tattoo...clearly the moth-like creature on the label of BAYS. Not only is it fricken cool looking but it would look awesome on your back. The label suggests, "Tear off your suit and tie straight-jacket" as I do every day when I come home from work to reveal my dark side...muhahahaha

3) OK- here are my thoughts on this. Not only do I think putting a "God is an American" AT label on your kids cast is down right awesome...(and will give your kid extra coolness points at school), a backup plan...if the school gives you any grief, you could always replace it with the T/P/D label and just tell them it stands for "The Proudest Dad". Problem solved!

4) Off the top of my head...I love dark, slightly sweet with a higher ABV. I am currently reading this book that is set in the medieval times. They refer a lot to alchemy and elixirs. How about the next Adroit Theory name "Dark Elixir". After all, not only does it sound cool but the word "Elixir" means - a sweetened, aromatic liquid usually containing alcohol used as a vehicle for medicinal substances. HEAL ME DOCTOR!!

5) I actually met Shawn A. Johnson at Adroit several months ago. Super nice guy. I can only assume that the "A" stands for Artist. Amazing talent. I commented on how I loved how he puts in hidden items in his art. Made my eyes ache at times trying to find them all. I also remember he was from Pittsburgh as we were talking football. Good times that day.

Thanks again,


monro said...

1. What Evil Lurks - Multiple meaning; Prodigy Song, Halloween Tie-in, Old Radio reference from The Shadow. Also, damn good beer.
2. Cannibalism - On the calf. Good, meaty place for a cannibal to start.
3. Yes you should. The principal is a Black Heart Society member.
4. Super Bon-Bon - Chocolate Cherry Stout - Since AT loves naming their beers after 90's Alt-Rock songs & lyrics, Soul Coughing is a logical next step.
5. He submitted a new Steeler logo for the 21st century. The Rooney's were frightened.
He's the artist and not related to the gymnast.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Brad entered via email...

1. The Devil Made Me. Dark, intriguing and a great, but subtle, link between the imagery on the label and the name. Not sure if many people would make the connection as to who the people in the pictures are.

2. Lux, B\A\Y\S, or Tenebris… any of those three abstract, ink blot designs would translate into a kick-ass tattoo. If I had to pick one I’m going Lux, that could look good on any part of the body.

3. Will the School say anything? There’s a good chance. Should they? No, It’s not obscene or vulgar so it really shouldn't be an issue. But why stop with one label, slap them all on there.

4. Screams of the Goats. An Eisbock – Unusual style, big, bold and boozy, seems right up their alley.

- Brad

Unknown said...

1. These are super cool. Love the dark nature of the art. My favorite has to be the Black As Your Soul imperial stout. Black goodness in a glass. Is it a butterfly or a moth, and is that a steampunk Darth Vader in the middle?

2. Do it! It would be like a find the word game. Kids and teachers both could look for words out of the letters and circle them when found. Fun!

3. Best tattoo would be the Tenesbris. If you put the tattoo on your knee, it would look like the crow is flying when you are running away from the LUX ram. (Think about it. As your knee bends, the winds would “flap”, or something like that. Cool huh?)

4. IRDTGYC Imperial IPA aged on beechwood, with a pinch of both peaches and pumpkin. The hoppy follow up to BAYS, the I’d Rather Die Than Give You Control (IRDRGYC) delivers so much flavor, drinking would mean almost certain death to light lager fans of those “Hard brewed” macro beers, simultaneously freeing the world of stupidity and solidifying the legacy of the true craft beer drinkers.

BTW, this is @galileosbane aka Dunerbrew aka Darren U. Cheers!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

OK. Contest is over! Great answers too!

Five entries--five winners. Let me see if I can figure out who everyone is.

Stay tuned. I'm working on a few more contests that will also be very fun.

Beer Drinker Rob said...


I'm pretty sure I know who you are, but I can't figure it out. Please email me at