Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sierra Nevada Golden IPA

Grabbed Sierra Nevada's 4-Way IPA mixed 12 pack last week. One of my favorite breweries making a 12 pack with two beers I love (Ruthless Rye and Torpedo) and two beers I hadn't tried (Golden IPA and Blindfold Black IPA) is a definite try, especially considering all the IPA awesomeness they brew! And who doesn't like 4-ways?

The label shows a rolling field of grain and a stream with mountains in the background. A little story on the back label sets your expectations for an "approachable IPA as West Coast as a sunset over the Pacific." PKGD 12/04/14. 5.9% alcohol. 55 IBU.

Definitely "Golden" in color! Aroma is fairly muted, maybe some citrus. But the flavors are big and aggressive! Grapefruit and lemon citrus rind hits right from the start. The lemony flavors are very astringent. Spicy, some pine in the middle. Sharp and crisp throughout with some dryness and light alcohol at the finish. 

That lemon astringency and dryness were a little harsh and lasted long after each sip on the palate. I didn't really dig the aftertaste after a while either. A little malty sweet balance would have been nice. Sierra Nevada makes a dozen better IPA options themselves. Anyway, if you see this mixed 12 pack at a party or take it yourself to one, choose one of the other three options!

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