Sunday, February 15, 2015

Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter

After yesterday's blizzard here in Miami... just joking, though it was 44°F last night. And as a salute to all the northerners that are far from the end of a mega-snow-storm-opolis, I decided to crack open Funky Buddha's Last Snow Coconut & Coffee Porter. The local liquor store manager told me that he had 12 cases come and go, before I even knew it was available. But Ed Roberts came through with a bottle, but one I need to pay him back for!

Fun label art on Big 22. A snowman with shades, a fur coat and beach bucket hat appears to be weathering the coming Spring. A quick story on the side sets your expectations. Consume Fresh. 6.4% alcohol. The cap says, "Open the bottle... Open your mind.." around the circle, so either could come first. Under the cap, "Look Within!"

Big coffee and coconut aroma with a nice roast--very welcoming. Milk chocolate, caramel sweetness start things off. And the coconut flavors are also huge, excellent. There is also plenty of roasted malt flavor, though still pretty tame behind the main stars. Layered nuances and just a luscious, awesome, creamy texture. A tangy flavor lingers after each sip as well. 

I saw "Liquid Mounds" as a description somewhere online, which is a very good description. Terrific. Wonderful flavors. A perfect beer! Wife loved it and posted her own pictures to that Face Thing! And I finished her glass when she wasn't looking. If you have the opportunity, don't pass it up!

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