Sunday, March 22, 2015

Big Hundo IPA

Magic Hat Brewing recently sent me a few new beers. Big Hundo IPA, though not new to the State of Vermont, is now being bottled in bombers and distributed across the country. Ed Roberts told me today that each local (South Florida) Total Wine store each got one case, and it's available now. So if you're interested, today is the day!

Big 22 is decorated around the full bottle with a hop bine with a big hop cone front and center. Apparently there is an "I" in BIG and this one is made with a castle of some kind. Not sure what that represents. 100 IBU. 9.0% alcohol.

Hoppy, fruity orange citrus aroma, plus a bouquet of flowers. Beautiful orange and lemon citrus flavors star and are accompanied by some more tropical flavors and a little sweetness. The bitterness in this "hophead's dream" is well disguised--at least initially. A little spicy too.

Pine flavors start to show up mid sip after drinking half a glass. There is a little caramel malty sweetness, a little herbal flavor, some balance for the overall bitterness. But that 100 IBU bitterness definitely shows itself by the end--make no mistake.

Very enjoyable beer. A little onion flavor does start to creep in after a while, but overall, this was great! Some alcohol is apparent at the finish, accentuating the pine and spice. Grab one if you can!

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