Saturday, April 4, 2015

You Suck at Drinking by Matthew Latkiewicz: Book Review

I received the book You Suck at Drinking by Matthew Latkiewicz from the publisher last week. Apparently they heard I'm an avid reader that likes to curl up by the fire with my afghan and just be swept away by good writing! Actually, I read the whole fucking book last night but didn't remember shit when I got up this morning. To answer your question... Yes, there is a chapter and even an "Inebriation Rating Chart" that will help you deal with similar situations.

I consider myself to be an excellent drinker and not just beer like you may think. I also have spirits blog and often attend events where there's not a drop of beer to be found. But beer is my first love! Let's see what Matthew has to offer in his desire to create a better class of Drinker.

You Suck at Drinking provides tutorials, pictorials and guidance on practically every situation you may want or need to drink in. The book tells you who you may encounter along the way and how to deal with them, like the "Rocker Bartender, who clearly does not give a fuck." It offers suggestions on what to drink in certain situations. Even a photo guide on how to determine what kind of liquor is in the bottle strictly by looking at the label. Fun stuff!

You will learn what drinks go with breakups, with defensive drinking situations like gambling, drinking while doing dangerous work, and when you're out drinking with your boss. The book concludes many things, depending on the situation. You'll need to read yourself to find out why "wine is for people that don't drink" and why "beer is the perfect drink". In the end, I think the author is a gin and tonic and Sidecar kind of guy based on multiple recommendations.

An entertaining book all around that can be summed up by an early quote... "Remember, nothing tastes as good as being drunk!"

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