Monday, June 1, 2015

Big Red Tugboat Coffee Infused IPA

Chicago area Tugboat Coffee recently partnered with RAM Brewery to create their Big Red Tugboat Coffee Infused IPA for Chicago Craft Beer Week. Coffee IPA? Yep! Usually, coffee-flavored beers are porters and stouts, so this unique brew could be a new idea worth of notice!

The artwork on the label is pretty fun. You really need to look 3 or 4 or 5 times to figure it all out. There is a red tugboat named Collaboration riding a stormy sea made of coffee beans and hop cones. The Tugboat name + RAM Brewery logo explain the collaboration. The cap is sealed with wax. 65 IBU. 6.2% alcohol.

Big coffee aroma with tropical tangerine scents behind it, interesting. Um, interesting flavors too. Two totally competing entities: rich and quality coffee plus lemony grapefruity astringency. Honestly, I drink like 3 cups of crappy coffee every morning but do enjoy a quality cup now and then. And IPA is my style of choice. I had high hopes but see this as a marriage that will end in divorce after the couple sobers up.

So clearly not something I enjoyed, but you gotta hand it to these guys for originality (and I hear they are trying to do some other creative new ideas too). Can't wait to try those out!

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