Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free Dive IPA

Coppertail Brewing out of Tampa recently packaged and started sending four of their beers over to the Southeast coast of Florida. I already tried Wheat Stroke and Unholy Trippel. Today I'm checking out Free Dive IPA. As usual, the label art is really cool, so many little details. In this label, a guy is free diving to see an old sunken shipwreck. He must not breath oxygen because he found the time to chill out in an old grandma chair, turn on an underwater lamp and hang with his squid and lobster pals. Pretty realistic considering I've seen every Spongebob episode half a dozen times!

The third panel of the label offers style, flavor insight and food pairings. They suggest spicy grilled shrimp with Free Dive IPA. Best if enjoyed by 09/09/15.

Sweet tropical fruity aroma, full of pineapple and tangerines and a mild pine in the background. Loved the smell! Sweet fruity start as well, tropical and citrus. Just like the aroma, there is also a pine aspect in the flavor profile. However, fresh dank hops play a much bigger role in your mouth than on your nose.

Spicy, great bitterness that lingers into the finish. Very nice beer. Great sweet rich fruity backbone with a killer fresh hoppy bitter answer. So far, I'm loving this brewery's lineup. Probably going to need to take a road trip!

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