Friday, July 10, 2015

Unholy Trippel

Tampa's Coppertail Brewing caught my attention a while back because of their label art, but now the beers are in Miami! I grabbed a few recently including Wheat Stroke and today's beer Unholy Trippel, a beer touted as tasting like "sacrilegious hops along side fruity and funky flavors." The label art of this one shows a tatted monk with a rat whispering secrets in his ear. He is holding Rosary Beads but the tikis with crossbones might have something to say about that! Enjoy by 09/03/15.

Lots of floaties... Yum! Fruity, tropical orange and peach aroma. Flavors start similarly, throw in some cantaloupe. Initially I felt some syrupy sweetness, but there's certainly enough spicy, hoppy, peppery counter to that. And you can for sure taste a little alcohol streak, especially at the finish.

Nice texture, nice flavors that linger long after each sip. Very enjoyable! Check it out!

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