Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wheat Stroke

Coppertail Brewing recently started shipping their beers from Tampa over to the Southeast part of Florida. I'm not going to forget, but before I do, the artwork on these labels is fantastic! I'm pretty sure I already approached the brewery many months ago about maybe getting some unused labels signed for another cool contest, but that hasn't materialized. I'll try again soon.

Wheat Stroke is the first bottle I grabbed. Poor guy on the label appears to be being nursed back to health from fainting by a busty chick. There are also plenty little strange characters in the drawing like the pelican with BEATS on, the lobster and the ship in a bottle. Anyway, very fun. Besides the art, each bottle talks beer style, flavor expectations and food pairings. This bottle also happens to pair nicely with "The Blazing Sun"! Enjoy Before 09/02/15.

Pleasant yet muted aroma. Wheat and light citrus flavors. Chewy texture, pretty malty, though this is crisp and refreshing enough. Pretty simple. Solid beer.

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