Monday, August 17, 2015

8-Bit Pale Ale

Tallgrass Brewing out of Manhattan, Kansas moved to a much larger brewery earlier this year, quadrupling their brewing capacity. The added capacity has given them the freedom to brew new series of specialty beers known as the Explorer Series. They asked if I'd like to check out the new series along with their core lineup (since they aren't distributed to Miami at this time). Of course I couldn't resist!

I decided to start with their 8-Bit Pale Ale as it is well known visually to many beer geeks. This is the pounder can with the old time arcade design. All of the brewery's can art is done by Neil Camera of Bazooka Joe and Garbage Pail Kids fame (among other work). This particular one has a Pac-Man/Galaga feel to it. 5.2% alcohol. Drink By 12/14/15.

Inviting sweet orange citrus and baking bread aroma. Orange citrus flavors are also prominent in the beginning but lean more bitter. Grassy, floral, spicy hops follow with some sourdough bread in the background. While 8-Bit clearly leans bitter, there is definitely enough sweet malty fruity backbone. Even a hint of honey sweetness.

Flavorful throughout including a long-lasting, clean bitter finish. Very nice introduction to Tallgrass, and I can't wait to try the rest!

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