Friday, August 14, 2015

Belgo Sutra

Magic Hat recently sent me a beer kit that included a 32 oz growler of Belgo Sutra, a Belgian-style Dark Ale brewed with figs and dates. I wasn't planning on putting away a growler tonight but duty calls, even at 8.2% alcohol. This is a limited release return of a beer they previously brewed, available only a short period of time. "Pleasure your Palate!"

Nice aroma, figs and prunes and a distinct honey persists. Rich and malty flavor, candi sugar and honey sweetness from the start. Sweet fig newtons come next. And though the beer leans sweet, there is definitely some hoppy bitterness alongside some alcohol to cut that up a bit.

A little of a lot of things going on. A little juicy, a little generic spiciness, some yeasty character, some caramel, some light coffee. Thicker, semi-syrupy texture. Lots of flavor. I'd say a little too sweet but the hint of alcohol at the end magically makes you forget and take another sip. Not bad. Check it out while available!

This neon sign of their #9 has nothing to do w the beer above. I just liked the sign and picture!

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