Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tampa Bay Beer: A Heady History by Mark DeNote

I've lived in Florida for 13 years, love beer yet have never been to Tampa! Well, except that awkward trip with my family when I was 22 years old, half my life ago and way before anyone cared about the Tampa area beer scene.

Last month, my wife and I visited a bunch of breweries on a return trip from Orlando to Miami. We followed that up with a dozen in Philadelphia a few weeks later. We plan to check out the Tampa area before the end of the year, so Tampa Bay Beer: A Heady History by Mark DeNote arrived at the perfect time! I have already used the information to plan a brewery tour and love the really interesting facts, history and even tasting notes for each brewery's beers!

The book is dedicated to Goose. If I ever write a book, I plan on also dedicating it to Goose, but the one from Top Gun. Bullshit he dies every time! After a Foreword by Richard Gonzmart and a few dozen acknowledgements, Mark got to work, starting with an Era-By-Era history of Tampa's Craft Beer History.

I'm gonna be honest. I checked out that history part last because I was totally selfish and moved toward the second section which was a very up-to-date guide of Tampa's current craft breweries! Great pictures (all from the "Author's collection"), behind-the-scenes insight, and lots of fun little stories make this a very entertaining and informative book.

Totally check this book out for great info on all things Tampa Bay area craft beer! If you want to bother the author, start tweeting him here with all your fantastic reviews!

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