Monday, September 7, 2015

Dawn of the Red

Today I'm checking out Ninkasi Brewing's Dawn of the Red, an India-Style Red Ale brewed in Eugene, Oregon. The label depicts a hand pushing out of a grave in an unkempt cemetery. The hand is giving "The Horns," a dark moment gesture made popular (according to Urban Dictionary) by Black Sabbath's Ronnie James Dio. I love the quote that ends the definition, "It pisses me off that people give the horns at fucking Hannah Montana concerts. They are meant for METAL." (I edited in English fixes).

Anyway, I guess the dark-deserving horns here are given by a zombie emerging from the grave, tied to the phrase on the back of the bottle, "It doesn't take brains to know this IRA is a delicious choice any time of year!" 7.0% alcohol.

Very nice pineapple and peach aroma, really juicy and fruity. Excellent flavors follow. Tropical pineapple and peaches, again very juicy. Lots of fruity and caramel malty sweetness. Hoppy flavors follow, spicy with some light pine. Good balance. Very tasty beer and my favorite of the Ninkasi beers I've had the opportunity to try.

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