Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grovetoberfest 2015... What T-Shirt Will You Be Wearing

OMG! Grovetoberfest 2015 is just around the corner! This is probably the best beer fest west of Mars or Jupiter or something like that, so make sure you check out this event in Coconut Grove in just a few weeks, Saturday, October 17, 2015! Every year there are more breweries, more beer, more hotties, more everything. So I expect nothing less this year!

Last year I wore my Green Flash Le Freak t-shirt and the Biscayne Bay Brewing cap I swiped from their mermaid on a brewery tour. Both of those breweries will be there again. But this year, I think I'll let you decide what shirt to wear. I thought I had a few dozen shirt options but only came up with eight. I swear my wife is repurposing for cleaning rags! You can check out the modeling below to help me choose. Also pick a beer cap to solidify my wardrobe!

One of my favorite things at this festival is how many different beer brands are represented with their awesome beers! I'm going to drink them all! But I'll also be checking out the beer shirts people are wearing. From super-craft to super-swill, you will find everything represented. Check out Grovetoberfest 2014 Beer T-Shirts and Grovetoberfest 2013 Beer T-Shirts! I'm totally going to try to outdo both of these two prior festivals combined! And I expect that you will help me out.

Leave a comment to help me decide what to wear for myself, shirt and cap. If you're a brewery, it's not too late to send me another option. And if you are going, be sure to send a preview of what you'll be wearing! Comment or email me a photo and I'll publish it! Be sure to say hello at the event, and let's get a picture together!

See you there on October 17th!

Sam Adams Boston Lager
You've heard of Guinness right?

Concrete Beach

Green Flash Le Freak (PS I wore this last year)

Victory Brewing

Biscayne Bay Brewing (I wore this last year)

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales


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