Saturday, September 19, 2015


Today I'm checking out New Belgium's PUMPKICK. I wasn't sure what the name was going for (sounds like a new Nike shoe) until I read the little story on the side. Basically, this is a pumpkin beer with a twist. That twist is the "kick," a cranberry juice addition that will add tartness and "have you hunt and pecking for more." The label is fun, depicting one of those nasty black birds decorating a jack-o-lantern by placing cranberries where its eyeballs should be. 6% alcohol.

Pumpkin and nutmeg aroma, pretty nice. The up front pumpkin flavor was also nicely sweet and melded beautifully with the nutmeg and cinnamon. What usually happens in a typical pumpkin beer is that sweetness and spice builds and builds and becomes super annoying. But NOT with PUMPKICK!

After that initial intro to a nice traditional pumpkin beer, you are greeted with a sharp contrast, a tart cranberry fruity flavor that added a lot of interest and balance and relief. Sweet, spicy, tart all in one. That tartness lingers into the finish and really cleanses the palate. Great idea and twist on a style that I typically avoid! Check it out.

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