Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Total Domination India Pale Ale

Eugene is such a cool name! Especially when it's the name of the town in Oregon my beer is from. Today I'm trying Total Domination India Pale Ale brewed by Ninkasi Brewing. The (very crooked, fix the machine) label on the back suggests I should expect "total satisfaction" from this beer "whose name says it all." 6.7% alcohol. 65 IBU.

Fruity and piney aroma, pretty muted but a little more comes through as it warms up. Orange and tangerine citrus flavors come first, with some pine behind them. Nice flavors. Bitter and sweet meet at neutral. A little spicy with a hit of alcohol flavor and dryness at the finish, light astringency as well. Not bad but I was expecting more. Tough category to be just pretty good! Not Total Domination of anything.

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