Monday, October 19, 2015

Coconut Grove Seafood Festival 2015

To recover from Saturday's Grovetoberfest Beer Festival, my wife and I visited the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival yesterday afternoon. And when I Sea Food, I eat it! Get it? Especially when that seafood is a mountain of Paella with shrimp and oysters and huge pieces of lobster just to start!

This festival was a celebration of the start of Stone Crab Season, and everyone certainly did their share of eating and celebrating! CGSF is an annual family event, so there were plenty of children taking in the festivities. Lots of bounce houses and slides and activities. There were also dozens of dogs, including a horse-sized black Scooby-Doo!

Besides the paella, I checked out some crabs, conch sliders, ceviche, and a handful of other tasters. Oh, and a few mojitos! The Bud Light only option did not do this festival justice! There was a live band, cooking demonstrations and dozens of vendors with fun merchandise. A Cuban guy rolled me a cigar. My translator wife asked if the cigars were made with Cuban tobacco, but I'm pretty sure we didn't really get any straight answers from that guy, even in Spanish. He said, "I'm Cuban!" LOL.

I loved the Casablanca Seafood area, where they were serving prepared foods and freshly caught fish and lobsters and crabs. Very nice presentation! That's about it! Nice day, nice people, great food, almost the worst beer (except for Heineken), tasty mojitos, fun environment!

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