Monday, October 26, 2015

Collaboration No. 5 Tropical Pale Ale

When Boulevard Brewing was rolling into Florida in the recent past, they made a connection with the team from Cigar City and decided to do a collaboration beer. As the story on the label states, they combined Boulevard's love of pale ales and Cigar City's expertise with fruits and the rest was history, their newest Smokestack Series Beer. Passionfruit, grapefruit and some kick ass hops? Yep! 7.2% alcohol. Best By 02/12/16.

Poured into my Smokestack Glass. Beautiful fruity aroma! Grapefruit and tropical, sweet candied hops, smells spectacular! Tropical fruit flavors open with mango, passionfruit and tons of juicy citrus. Terrific balanced bitterness follows, and an alcohol kick adds more balance to the initial sweetness.

Sweet, tangy, balanced, refreshing and super tasty! Lightly dry at the finish. I set the glass down to do some parenting crap before being able to finish the glass. That 15 minutes of warmth really let the fruity flavors shine through, so I highly recommend letting it warm a little out of the fridge! What's not to love? Great beer!!!

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