Monday, October 5, 2015

Pop's Porter

I love these guys at Wynwood Brewing! Pop's Porter is now being bottled and shipped at least as far north as Broward County! I've been bumping into these guys from Wynwood all over the place over the past few years, including a few visits to the brewery. But I had to check out the new bottle as I've seen real improvements in the tweeks they've made to the beer since day 1. Hell, this beer is a GABF Gold Medal winner!

The label is simple, yet seems to have some paint spatter on it, probably a reference to all the graffiti that surrounds the Wynwood neighborhood where the brewery resides. Even the story on the label is titled, "A Work of Art in Every Glass!" That story concludes that this beer pairs nicely with a Nice Cigar, which I hope to do at some point. Also, definitely check Wynwood Brewing out at the upcoming Grovetoberfest in Coconut Grove.

So is he Pop or Pops (when you address him)? All the new packaging says Pop's Porter so Pops may have just become Pop, grammatically speaking of course. I guess that's just based on the photo below, LOL.

Great roasty aroma, chocolate, coffee, burnt sugar. Such nice flavors with none overwhelming any of the others. Perfect harmony with the roasted malt then coffee then chocolate and toffee. Creaminess of Pop's Porter is MONEY!!! Hoppy nips take stabs at your palate all along. 6.2% alcohol.

Very nice beer. Very nice people that own and run this brewery. Check this beer out - it's one of their flagships and just awesome all around!

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