Friday, October 30, 2015

Vapricot Apricot Ginger Imperial IPA

Wow! Everyone loves Cigar City and wants a collaboration beer with them. Wasn't but 15 minutes ago that I checked out the fabulous one they did with Boulevard Brewing. Now I've got a glass full of Terrapin Beer's Vapricot Apricot Ginger Imperial IPA, brewed with apricot puree and ginger. It was $5 for a single, which basically puts it in bomber category price range, just with slightly less commitment. So basically, this better kick mega ass for that price.

Terrific label art! The turtle on the label is clearly from Cuba now living in Miami or Tampa. White clothes and cap, smoking a fat cigar, red bandanna, and strumming a guitar with the ocean in the background (definitely not Athens, GA). I didn't really understand the story, but am certainly hoping "this multidimensional beer will help [me] see things more clearly." At 9.05% alcohol, I doubt it though.

Spicy ginger and fruity aroma, very pleasant. Fruity flavors to start, hard to say apricot but I get it since I was told. Nice hoppy bitterness follows. Then the ginger comes in aggressively! Super spicy. A touch of caramel sweetness complements the fruitiness.

But then... the ginger gets super sharp and builds to the point of burning the throat and dominating every other flavor and sense from the initial sips of the beer. Ginger was a fun idea but WAY overdone! And an alcohol kick brings out those flavors even more! Definite pass, even if it cost half as much!

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