Saturday, October 3, 2015

Warsteiner Winter Special Edition

Warsteiner recently started importing their German-named Weihnacht to the US as Warsteiner Winter Special Edition. The neck label says, "Festive Brew. Malty and Balanced," and the red and gold shiny label reminds me of a Christmas tree ball, so they hit that festive mark in design. My 330mL bottle is Best Before 26.JUL.16. 5.6% alcohol.

Nutty, herbal aroma. Sweet grain and toast flavors to start. Caramel and herbal maltiness come next. Faintly nutty as well. On the sweet end. Simple but good flavors.

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Anonymous said...

hello to all,,,found this beer at 3.99 a 6pack and with 5.6% it is a great deal! that's .70 cents a bottle.(with taxes)