Monday, November 30, 2015

Green Man Porter

I was up at Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida a few months ago. I know they are doing some brewing for Asheville's Green Man Brewing, though this bottle of Green Man Porter I think purposely tries to be deceiving. "Brewed and Bottled by Green Man Brewing Asheville, NC" and "Conceived in Asheville, NC" are on the label in different spots. Honestly I don't know where my bottle in Miami was bottled, but it sure as hell makes sense to bring it from central Florida if they are brewing it there. And if that is the case, how about saying so? No semantics ("It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is!")

The label depicts the legendary Green Man and a little story to set your expectations. "This traditionally crafted, award-winning British-style Porter, like a true rock star, enjoys a legendary following."6.0% alcohol. 40 IBU. Bottled on: 30OCT15

Nice chocolate aroma which gets bigger with warmth. Really creamy and smooth. Chocolate flavors a really nice, bitter and sweet in perfect balance with no harsh roast. A light char, hints of tobacco and subtle citrus add interest along the way, but mostly this is just a rich, creamy chocolate treat. Not overly complex though also not one note. Delicious and you should for sure try this beer!

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