Sunday, November 15, 2015

Headwaters Ale

Victory Brewing recently rebranded its Headwaters Pale Ale as Headwaters Ale, I guess because they wanted to focus on the key word in the name: Headwaters. Victory sent me one of their new cans along with some information about their approach to brewing and passion for water. Of course, only the highest quality ingredients, water being the most crucial, can make quality beer!

Victory would like this beer to stand for its many green initiatives, especially those that revolve around the funding of local and national watershed conservation groups. Craft beer definitely makes an environmental difference in addressing environmental challenges, and that's what this beer stands for! To commemorate this rebranding, Victory also sent a cute little flower pot and some Forget-Me-Nots which I just planted (see below after a week or so)! 5.2% alcohol.

If you bothered to click the links above, you'd have known my original opinions about this beer. Again, new can, yet Headwaters is just as exciting as ever! Malty sweet grain alongside some hoppy sharp lemon citrus zesty aroma. Very nice.

Hoppy with a nice citric lemony flavor and bitterness to start. Great tanginess, super fresh. Very refreshing. Terrific residual flavors linger long after each sip. That tang really grabs your taste buds too! Definite beer to enjoy regularly!

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