Thursday, November 19, 2015

HopShock IPA

I tried Mr. Pineapple earlier. I hope that I enjoy SanTan Brewing's HopShock IPA a little bit more. This can also has a super-boring dated design, showing three hop cones with lightning bolts in the background! The story says I should expect a "Southwestern IPA that will jolt your senses with a bolt of exotic Nelson-Sauvin hops." Aren't those hops from New Zealand? So this is a Southwestern (Pacific Ocean) IPA? 7.1% alcohol.

Tropical fruity aroma, nice peaches. Very fruity flavors, lots of pineapple (way more than the Mr. Pineapple beer they actually added pineapples too, for the record) and peaches. Tangy, citrus, light hoppy resin.

A spicy, peppery middle angle then takes hold and kind of alternates with the fruitier sweetness from the start. Definitely a hint of alcohol and dryness at the finish. Balanced but an excellent bitterness leads the way for sure. Enjoyable though I'd have preferred to have the tropical fruity aspect more juicy and prominent. Definitely a winner!

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