Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter

I'm really drinking a beer named Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter? Yep! Apparently, SanTan Brewing decided this is the perfect name for this beer. This can has the best of the super-boring art designs, showing a tiny thumbnail of a smooth panther with shades and cool clothes lifting a glass in a toast. Reminds me of SNL Parody The Ladies Man. At least it's "sensually crafted [with] lots of love."

Nice sweet cocoa aroma, milky, hint of roast. Rich cocoa flavors with a very tame roast. Silky, creamy, smooth. Hints of vanilla show. A little flat. One dimensional at best. But I do taste the love. However, in the end, this sex panther is providing the most boring sex ever (like in the video above).

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