Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Death By Coconut Irish Porter

After selling out its first delivery, my local liquor store got another shipment of Oskar Blues' Death By Coconut Irish Porter. Despite its $15 4-pack and $5 single price tag, the same as the fabulous Ten Fidy and Gubna, I grabbed a can expecting to be wowed, even "killed" by this beer!

Around the brim of the can. PASS.DASH. HIT... COCONUT CHOCOLATE CHOCONUT. 6.5% alcohol.

Beautiful sweet chocolaty aroma, though I don't find much coconut there. But... coconut flavors are delivered in a huge way, first sip, first impression. An excellent sweet milk chocolate complement comes next, and those two run the show for the entire experience.

Light roast, perhaps a hint of coffee and a good hoppy balance at the finish round things out. Pretty delicious though I was expecting a more complex beer, something more. As good as it was, I don't put it on the same tier as the other two I mentioned above. If this were priced as a value beer like other OB beers, for example Dale's and Mama's Little Yella Pils, I'd drink it all day. That being said, grab a can and decide for yourself.

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Jacob F. Day said...

I love this beer, but completely agree about the price. Shouldnt be on tier with Gubbna and Ten Fidy.