Monday, December 14, 2015

Dogfish Head Seasonal Artist Rich Kelly Signed Label Contest

In 2015, Dogfish Head Seasonal Artist Rich Kelly was the second artist to have his work portrayed on the actual bottle labels. Of course you remember the awesome work from last year's artist Jermaine Rogers! Prior artists like Marq Spusta and Tara McPherson also created awesome seasonal prints - their work, however, was not displayed on those corresponding labels, though they did do other labels for Dogfish Head. FORT is actually out in 4-packs right now (with Tara McPherson's label.)

So. Who's ready for another contest? For simply answering a choice of a few open-ended questions, you have a shot at a set of all four of Rich Kelly's signed 2015 labels. I'm pretty sure there is no other way to grab such a cool and unique item! Heck, give it as a gift if beer art isn't your thing.

In addition to his work for Dogfish Head, Rich has done numerous posters for bands and movies such as Phish, Dave Matthews Band, The Black Keys and Django Unchained. Be sure to check out his site, and at least for now all of the prints for this year are still available for purchase.


Answer (at least) 3 of the 5 questions below before midnight next Sunday 12/20/15 (whatever time zone you're in is fine). The following day I will pick some winners - the prize is a set of each signed label. There will be at least a handful of winners assuming there are that many that took the time to leave thoughtful answers. Be creative and fun!

Don't copy other answers that come before you, especially since these are mostly opinions. Do leave a way to get in touch with you should you win (I'm not The Amazing Kreskin). If you can't answer in the comments for some reason, email your answers to But keep in mind that I will cut and paste them into the comments, so your email will not be anonymous. If there are any issues, I'll make up some new rules along the way. That's how I roll.

READ THE QUESTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS! Don't answer what you think should have been asked. Remember, thoughtful, creative answers.

1. Of the four Rich Kelly seasonal labels, which is your favorite and why?

2. If you've had the opportunity to try Dogfish Head's beers, which is your favorite and why? If you haven't tried any because they are not available in your area, go to and use your imagination.

3. What other beer labels have caught your attention? Why?  Brewery, beer, artist (bonus if you can figure the artist out)?!? Your answers will inspire future contests and I WILL contact that brewery and artist for similar fun.

4. This Artist is R. F. Kelly. Use your imagination, look at his art and write a sentence stating what you think that "F" could stand for based on his work. If you write two sentences fine. Three is too many though.

5. If I were to visit your city for a day, what 5 craft breweries would you suggest I tour and taste. Why?

Thanks to my buddy Big Momma at Dogfish for helping me out with the labels for this contest! Thanks to Rich for agreeing to AND coming through with the signed labels. And thanks to you guys for participating!

Next Sunday is the deadline. Remember, there's no reason to wait to enter. There can be multiple winners and your answers should not look like anyone else's anyway!


DeeDee in HB said...

1. I like the Punkin Ale label the best because I like the representation of the subject's tattoo art.
2. I have not tried them all, but a few are available in my area, and my favorite that I've had is the 90 Minute IPA. It's one of the best IPAs I've ever had. Why...? It's absolutely decadent.
3. I actually saved a bottle once just for the label. The beer was good, but the label was wild. It's one of 5 Coney Island brews from Schmaltz Brewing (hope I spelled that correctly) I believe it was the Lager. I have no idea who the artist is. Not to be confused with Coney Island Brewing.
4. The "F" has got to stand for FONTICIZE... dude used some interesting fonts in his label art. All perfectly style matched, too.
5. My city... my little city. We don't have have 5 in Surf City USA, but if you were to travel around a bit, you'd find a few. Within HB, we have three breweries: Four Sons, Beach City, and a fairly new operation called RIIP Brewing Co. All are good, create unique brews, and offer a bit of variety between them. Outside of Huntington Beach, there are a few in LA that are interesting... I have never visited Smog City but plan to soon. I do enjoy several of their brews. I am also a big fan of Eagle Rock Brewing. In the IE (Riverside/San Bernardino) we have Hangar 24 and the Upland Brewing Co. And of course, if you go south a bit... you'll hit the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, known as San Diego.

Unknown said...

1. Punkin. Love the tattoos, and the pearl necklace.
2. 120 Min is pretty special, but Palo Santo Maroon carries the complexity which is really nice on an evening by the fire pit, or anywhere else for that matter.
3. Funky Buddha has some clever artwork. Example, Blueberry Cobbler. Love the 50's diner style art, for lack of better description.
4. Fitzgerald. It's my middle name too, and so F-ing awesome. It must be the case.
a. Bowigens in Casselberry, small system starting off the right way, with blood sweat and tears.
b. Hourglass in Longwood. They've come a long way and are starting to do some interesting things, including barrels and sours.
c. Ten 10 in Orlando. Solid selection of classic styles initially. Making some good beers.
d. Wops Hops in Sanford. Small scale, with an excellent beer garden and solid brews. Bonus is that it's across the street from a top notch Belgian Beer bar, Buster's Bistro.
e. It's a little out of the area but Tomoka Brewery in Ormond Beach. They do it right, and are great people.

@Galileosbane here. Cheers!

June Wyatt said...

1. My favorite is the Punkin Ale because instead of going 'seasonal kitsch' with the design, the artist instead chose to feature my interpretation of today's woman. Strong, sexy and not completely inhibited by societal pressures. It's a sexy punkin ale. Women are becoming relevant in craft beer and this celebrates that in an awesome way.

2. Of the vast variety of brews that Dogfish Head produces, the one that I'd drive across state lines for is their World Wide Stout. Besides being one of the most complex stouts that I've had the pleasure of sampling, it's rarity and strength make it the perfect sharing stout. One bottle really can be poured for two which maximizes my enjoyment because the quality of the beer and who I'm sharing that moment with.

3. One of my favorite beer labels is Roughtail Brewery's Hoptometrist, Blake N. Behrens ( . Many of the IPA's that I've seen prominently feature a hop in the label art. The Hoptometrist label instead lets you visualize the mad brewer behind this double ipa. It's steampunk beer label with whimsy.

4. After perusing Mr. Kelly's artwork, I can only surmise that the "F" stands for Flanneled. That he's swathed in flannel as he creates his beautiful images while hopefully drinking a stout.

5. OKC is limited due to the prohibition laws that we're still recovering from. However, the breweries we have are stellar.

a. Roughtail Brewery- their tour is quite fun with multiple samplings and their beer is phenomenal. It's a very young and vibrant brewery with the appropriate level of quirkiness.
b. Bricktown Brewery- has a solid selection of craft beers but has some of the best wings in Oklahoma City. Can't find a better pairing.
c. Anthem Brewery- A more traditional brewery tour with great story. Their original site was destroyed in a horrific tornado in 2013. They've come back strong.

Those are really the best OKC breweries to visit. So after that's done, I'd say head to Oak & Ore in the Plaza District to get some amazing draft selection and absorb the culture of the Plaza. It's fabulous.

Unknown said...

1. Aprihop. Because Manly Men with Beards.

2. My favorite is the 90 minute IPA. Love the deep malty taste. I actually have gout, and IPA's tend to give me an attack, but I grin and bear it for a good 90 minute IPA.

3. 3 Floyd's have consistently high quality artwork. They all have a heavy metal theme. They actually use a lot of different artists as well.

4. Rich "Free Flowing" Kelly. I always get a smooth sense of feeling when I see Rich's artwork.

5. Chicago:
3 Floyds - The release of the Dark Lord Imperial Stout is a holiday for me.
Revolution - Their beers tend to have more pronounced flavors than the other breweries.
Goose Island - They are pretty much the Godfather of craft brewing in Chicago.
Laguintas - Transplanted from Cali, their IPA was the first one I ever had. It still holds a special place in my heart, and stomach.
Half Acre - Their Daisy Cutter is practically everywhere now and I had a great time on their tour.

Unknown said...

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Beer Drinker Rob said...

Four entries, four winners.

Thanks for playing along!