Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stupid Stout 2015

Today I'm checking out a bomber of Coronado Brewing's Stupid Stout 2015, a member of their Crown Series. Speaking of "Crowns," anyone catch the Miss Universe fuck up by Steve Harvey? I was watching it with my Colombian wife (who had already picked Miss Philippines from the top 10). That was a shitty situation, but Miss Colombia was graceful in the end. Both are invited over for beers anytime!!!

Front label features the brewery mermaid logo; a little story on the back sets your expectations; and to the side, CA PROP 65 WARNING, so you know cadmium was used while decorating the bottle. Not sure why an alternate method isn't used - would be better than a warning about birth defects on your beer. 9.0% alcohol.

Rich milk chocolate aroma with hints of coffee. Very inviting. The flavors are not sweet in the slightest, however. A noticeable hoppy streak hits right from the start.

Cocoa power and coffee flavors come first followed by some pruney sweetness in the background. After drinking a few sips, some roasted flavors start to build, finishing in a smokey charred lingering aftertaste. At first the roast was fine, but by the end of my glass I found it to be a bit sharp and harsh. Maybe those are the "big flavors" you might expect to mellow if you choose to age the bottle.

Lots of interesting flavors and nuances. I'd have definitely preferred a little more of the milk chocolaty flavor and sweetness found in the aroma. Not bad.

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