Thursday, January 21, 2016

Beer Camp Tropical IPA

Each Spring, Sierra Nevada takes their favorite Beer Camp collaboration beer and features it as a new Spring Seasonal. This year, they delivered Beer Camp Tropical IPA, an "equatorial IPA" using hops that deliver mango, papaya and other island flavors. I grabbed a 12 pack based solely on Sierra Nevada's reputation for delivering awesome beers, especially hoppy ones! 6.7% alcohol. PKGD 12/22/15

Spectacular aroma, full of mangoes and pineapples and bursting with juiciness. More of the same with the flavors. Tons of pineapple and mango and orange throughout. Sweet and tangy, great combination making my taste buds beg for more.

Some bitter pine flavors and spiciness show up toward the finish and really bring this home. A little alcohol dryness at the finish rounds out the profile. Terrific all around, which certainly doesn't surprise me! Check it out!

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