Thursday, February 18, 2016


#EpicTampaBreweryTour and the recaps from each stop are complete! As promised, I have linked to each below along with some maps that should be helpful should you be interested in planning a similar tour. Keep in mind that there are dozens of other breweries in the area, many both north and south of where I spent these two days. If only I had a week!!!

Other resources that were helpful to me besides the beer community on Twitter include:

1. The Brewery Bay

2. This relatively recent article from The Tampa Tribune

3. Tampa Bay Beer: A Heady History by Mark DeNote. I highly recommend this fantastic book with lots of insights, organized well, makes beer suggestions, prepares you with knowledge you'd have a hard time finding otherwise. And lots of pictures! I had it with me for the entire trip. It's cheap on Amazon...

Anyway, these maps are broken down into two days (Google would only let me put 10 locations into one map anyway). I'm sure you are capable of figuring out where to start and stop based on your own circumstances, preferences, etc. Pick your own hotel too! Oh, and finally, DON'T BE A DICK! Driving drunk is for fools!

Day One (Here's the Actual Map Link)

1. Cigar City Brewing

2. Tampa Bay Brewing

3. Coppertail Brewing

4. Dunedin Brewery

5. 7venth Sun Brewing

6. Barley Mow Brewing

7. Rapp Brewing

Day Two (Here's the Actual Map Link)

8. Pair O' Dice Brewing

9. Green Bench Brewing

10. Hidden Springs Ale Works

11. Southern Brewing & Winemaking

12. Angry Chair Brewing

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