Monday, February 8, 2016

Five Hop Experimental IPA

A week or so ago, I grabbed Sierra Nevada's newest mixed 12 pack: 4-Way IPA which this year includes Torpedo, Ruthless Rye, Hop Hunter and a brand new one called Five Hop Experimental IPA. I already drank the first two of three and actually had to force myself not to drink the last one until now for this review.

Five Hop is brewed with a proprietary blend of five unique hops, some that have nothing more than a number for a name right now. Sierra Nevada says we can expect these hops to produce flavors of orange, grapefruit, cedar, coconut and vanilla. PKGD 12/30/15. 5.8% alcohol

Aroma is very citrus forward with tons of grapefruit, orange and just a touch of pine. Zesty citrus rind starts, terrific sharp bitterness! This beer is super juicy with spicy hop contrast and some interesting dry woody flavors. Complex, different, interesting. I wrote down leather as a perception, though I don't taste any coconut or vanilla as the label suggests you might.

Many flavors complement each other well. Carbonation is great. I like it. Check it out! All of the beers in that pack are great, so definitely worth the adventure to see what this new beer tastes like!

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