Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Glutiny Golden Ale

There I am in the reflection! Pretty cool, right!?
New Belgium has been experimenting with beers that will satisfy both the palates and dietary restrictions of those that are Gluten-intolerant. Their website characterizes the flavors of some non-barley editions as "interesting," tasting like the sorghum or rice or whatever grain was the source. I'm certain they sucked, though certainly not because of New Belgium's brewing.

The brewery settled on making a few new beers with barley, though crafting them to remove gluten using an enzyme that reduces the amount of gluten in the final product. You can read about it here, but it seems like the beers meet some gluten threshold. However, the fine print still says, "The gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten."

OK. I'm going to check out the Golden Ale today. I also have the Glutiny Pale Ale in the fridge. So let's do this Glutiny with the pirate on the label: a Mutiny on Gluten! Arghhhh! 5.2% alcohol. Enjoy By 29MAY16

Not much of an aroma, perhaps a little fruit. Um, it's like I know something is in my mouth, there's carbonation, but I can't taste anything. Very faintly fruity at best with a light bitterness at the finish. Maybe a paper taste, not really much. This is super bland. Seriously after all the research and effort to put this beer together, I'm sad to say that.

I just checked some stats on other beers that attack the gluten issue. My original of New Grist still brings angry followers' comments while the one on Tweason'ale has like 50,000 views. I guess it's not a fair comparison since both of those suck beers were made with sorghum, but Glutiny kicks their asses!

Personally, if I ever get the gluten bug, I'd start drinking ciders or deal with the beer consequences in moderation. I would never drink this beer with no flavor or any of the other options I have tasted. I have never tried any gluten free or gluten reduced beer worthy of drinking again! But I am waiting so I can shut up my sister-in-law once and for all!

Yo! Buy a bottle and let me know what you think!

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