Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Liliko'i Kepolo

Saw a can from Avery with a Tiki on it called Liliko'i Kepolo. Without reading anything, I grabbed it a few days ago. This is a Belgian-Style White Ale brewed with spices and passionfruit. According to the short description, I should expect a lot of passionfruit along with a Tropical & Tart experience. 5.4% alcohol.

Holy Crap is that a lot of sweet passionfruit in the aroma. There is also a muted spicy component. Flavors are very sugary and full of overripe passionfruit to start. There is also a wheaty tang you will not miss. Some tartness refreshes the palate.

Coriander, orange rind, and perhaps some cloves show up, maybe more of a muted background nuance due to the passionfruit monster that is growing. Big body, chewy.

There is probably barely enough tartness to balance the passionfruit. But the passionfruit is surely dominant and not subtle in the slightest. Beer was OK. I did feel like I was on a tropical island, though!

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