Monday, February 29, 2016

Limbo IPA

Total Wine has a new Brewery Direct set of beers here in South Florida from Vermont's Long Trail Brewing. I decided to check out their Limbo IPA first. Interesting label art shows a skeleton apparently in limbo resting under an huge old red tree. A little story on the neck label lets you know they are going for a flavor bomb using some new cool hops from Australia and the Pacific Northwest. 7.6% alcohol. 80 IBU. Bottled 122915

Orange and spicy peppery aroma. Also spicy flavors to start, peppery, sharp. Loads of pine, dank, resinous, citrus rind. Quite bitter. There is a sweeter hint of orange and fruit underneath, and moreso with some warmth. But the bitterness is dominant and potent. Little nips at the palate complement a long-lingering bitter finish. Good body. An IPA-lovers IPA! Great!

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