Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mana Wheat: Where's My Ukulele?!?!

Today I grabbed a can of Maui Brewing's Mana Wheat: Where's My Ukulele?!?!, a Flagship Beer and wheat ale brewed with pineapple juice. The brewery make sure you know it's brewed on Hawaii, as it's "Certified Made on Maui." The side panel gives you a lesson on why cans are the best packaging. Read it if you want below though that lesson has been embraced now for years.

You will also see a little story which introduces this beer. The Can Art shows a person playing the ukulele in front of the gentle waves of the ocean, just relaxing with an island hat. A final panel shows the brewery turtle logo, pretty cool. 5.5% alcohol.

Wheaty twang with a big fruity aroma, not easy to identify as pineapple. Ditto with the flavors. Very fruity but I taste more citrus and tangerines. OK, I'll throw you a pineapple bone but because you insisted. Wheaty, tangy, good flavors. I was expecting more of a pineapple juiciness, but this was definitely enjoyable.

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