Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stingray IPA

The sun was mighty that afternoon, my friends!
You know, I'd love to see Coronado Brewing's mermaid babe's hair in the wind we got going in Miami today! Her hair on the label seems to just float on a California breeze but is probably no match for this crap here today. Anyway I decided to see for myself. Besides inviting said mermaid over for a beer, I cracked open a bomber of Stingray Imperial IPA.

You know what's funny? After I wrote that paragraph above about the violent wind we're having here, I read the story on the back of the bottle. Apparently this beer is named for a serene Coronado shoreline. LOL. The rest of the story sets your expectations. 7.9% alcohol. 48 IBU. The brewery would also like you to send your pictures to @CoronadoBrewing and/or #StingrayIPA

Beautiful tropical peach and tangerine aroma. Tropical fruity peach and tangerine yum to start. Piney bitterness and some spicy sharp nips tantalize the palate immediately afterward. There is a see-saw of sweet and bitter, a competition between the sweet gentle fruit and the hoppy spicy citrus. And I love that!

Great beer, but the mermaid never showed! Oh well. Her hair on the bottle, however, endured today's breeze.

Update 7/29/2016: Stingray is now available in cans. Same awesome tropical orange and honey sweetness meets spicy hoppy bitterness and is now beach ready! Below are a few pictures. Mermaid still playing hard to get!

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