Tuesday, March 29, 2016

7 Mile Bridge English-style IPA

After thoroughly enjoying Two Henrys' Belleview-Biltmore Blueberry Vanilla Wheat, I decided to check out their 7 Mile Bridge English-style IPA. Another nice label, designed by RUSH Design, depicts a train crossing the 7 Mile Bridge. The story on the back links Henry Flagler's ambitious railroad venture, building a line from Miami to Key West, to the "audaciousness" of this beer! 6% alcohol. 6 different hops.

Caramel and herbal aroma, maybe some honey, hoppy and bright too. Citrus orange flavors start. Caramel and malty herbal sweetness follow. There is some bitterness at the finish, but it also brings some medicinal and minty flavors that aren't so attractive. Was OK but for sure that herbalness and minty aspect were not my cup of tea! I'd try their Blueberry Vanilla Wheat instead if I were you!

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