Monday, March 28, 2016

Americano Stout

A new stout from Stone Brewing? Hell Yeah! Today I'm checking out Stone Americano Stout, an imperial stout brewed with espresso beans from Ryan Bros. Coffee. Can't think of  a better way to celebrate my new coffee maker!

A story on the back of the bottle sets your expectations and compares coffee roasting to beer brewing and why they picked these bean roasters. Bottled on 02/14/16. 8.7% alcohol. "Not a single decaf bean was used in the process."

Big chocolate aroma, coffee is secondary. But flavor-wise, holy huge coffee! And you can taste the total quality of the coffee beans. Super creamy and rich. Nice roast with hints of smoke and char, not obnoxious at all, and comes with a hoppy bitter escort!

Sweet coffee stout (though not sweet in the slightest)! Check it out!

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