Saturday, March 5, 2016

Iron & Barleywine

Funky Buddha recently released another beer from their Little Buddha series, Iron & Barleywine, packaged in Big 22s. The label shows a barefoot person playing guitar; (her?) head is cut off but I'm betting a hippie version of Kumbaya is being sung. A story to the side sets your expectations, including the fact that this English-Style Barleywine is brewed with grape must. 10.5% alcohol. Drink Now, or Age. Serve in a snifter at 55°F

Sweet caramel, honey, lightly spicy aroma. The aroma really becomes lovely with some warmth. Sweet caramel and honey flavors also show first. Dark fruits, plums, fig newtons add to an initial sweet profile.

The promised grape and wine-like character seems to be missing at first. However, after a few sips, you will not miss that aspect for the rest of the bottle. Acidic, sharp, quite the contrast to the initial sweetness.

That white grape flavor and acidity keep building. Along with a boozy alcy kick, it really gets dominant and assertive. With a little warmth, the grapes drop out a little and the beer smooths out. Some pink and blue cotton candy shows up at the finish and makes everything OK.

Definitely an interesting combination. I enjoyed the beer though definitely recommend at least one other drinking partner for this bomber. Also, let this warm up to the suggested 55°F or even warmer. You will thank me!

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