Monday, March 7, 2016

Mega Mix Pale Ale

I recently saw that MIA Beer Company is packaging a few of their beers, including the Mega Mix Pale Ale in my glass right now. Actually, they are being brewed and canned at Brew Hub in Lakeland, Florida. According to their website, Mega Mix refers to the large variety of hops they used in the beer's recipe.

I like the can's design. On one side, "Welcome To Miami" while on the other "Bienvenido A Miami" while also reversing the color scheme from one side to the other. All of that goes on a paint splash graffiti-like background. 6% alcohol. Canned FEB/12/16, so just two weeks ago from when I'm writing this.

Nice aroma though not that strong. Tropical pineapple and bright tangerine citrus come with a big whiff. Similar though more pronounced flavors. Citrus oranges and tangerines lead the way, quite fruity, nicely sweet. Some pine follows and adds some bitter contrast. Lightly spicy and a little tangy. Flavorful and very enjoyable.

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