Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pataskala Red X IPA

Saw a new Stone Brewing beer on the shelf a few days ago: Pataskala Red X IPA. I expected the Stone marketing department story on the back to explain that a Petaskala is a demon whore that existed until this beer was used as a deceptive trap and kill the beast. Alas, they backed off and this beer is actually named for the hometown of Founder Greg Koch, Petaskala, Ohio.

The rest of the story sets your expectations. Bottled on 02/15/16. Drink by 05/15/16. 7.3% alcohol. "A Massively Dry-Hopped Deep Crimson IPA"

Terrific aroma, full of vibrant citrus tangerines and beautiful tropical mangoes. Sweet fruity, tropical orange flavors initially. Those meet some bitter zesty citrus with some nice spiciness. Hints of pine. And while definitely leaning bitter, there is a nice caramel candy and honey sweetness in the background. Totally enjoyable YUM!

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