Friday, April 29, 2016

Choklat Oranj

OK. I've had Southern Tier's Choklat Imperial Stout. And it's awesome. Today I'm going to try Choklat Oranj, the same beer brewed with orange peels. This one came in a 4-pack for like $18 and my single bottle was a bomber-level price of $6. That's a little out of control, but OK, this time. I'm pretty sure those bombers still are $9, so this is basically a reverse #bomberboycott!

There's an ingredients and stats section. 10.0% alcohol. DOB which I assume is date of bottling 3/17/16 though I'm not positive about that because half of the stamp didn't hit the label.

Chocolate, cocoa, coffee aroma, more luxurious with a little warmth. Rich chocolate and light coffee and roasted malt flavors start. After a few sips, the orange flavor subtly builds. There is a distinct and sharp citric bitterness in the background, a nice interesting addition to the regular beer. Alcohol shows a little at the finish, though just fine. Definitely tasty, though way too expensive to compete with many equal or "awesomer" competitors.

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BeerInasia said...

Never even heard of this brewery..